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RR Series

The RR Series offers versatility. Ideal for the garage or shop, these reels will mount quickly and easily to walls or bench tops. The hose pulls out straight away, or perpendicular, to the wall. They can also be attached directly to equipment frames using one of our optional mounting brackets. See accessories of details.

PL Series

Hose pulls off the reel PARALLEL to the wall. Ideal for mounting to the side walls of houses, buildings or shops. Exclusive interlock design means the reel can be removed from the wall, for safe-keeping or winter storage, in just seconds. Mounts quickly to almost any vertical surface including masonry, 16" stud walls, wood posts and steel beams.

PD Series
CD Series

The CD Series offers portability!
Simply carry the reel to the location you want to use it, set it down and hook it up.
An exclusive S-shaped base delivers a solid, NO-TIP design. Ideal for use next to a building or on the job site.
Transports easily on the bed of a pickup or enclosed vehicle. Durable, tubular steel construction.

5500 Series

The 5500 Series is ideally suited for equipment frame mountings. It’s patented 360° pivoting action allows the reel to turn and face whatever direction the hose is pulled. Over 30 custom brackets makes it easy to attach this reel to virtually any style of cold or hot water washer. An 8-position pivot lock keeps the reel from pivoting while rewinding or moving the washer. A “flip-over” hose guide, protects your hand from wire shards while also providing for easy left or right handed operation.

4000 Series

This versatile series is designed for those who have "custom" mounting needs. It's industrial features make it ideal for tough environments and moderate to heavy use. Using a square plate that is welded to the axle, simply take 4 nuts and bolts and attach the reel to 1) the frame of a vehicle, 2) the frame of equipment, 3) our stacker frames, or 4) to a custom designed bracket.

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