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Hot Water Series:

HDS Classic Electric Pwrd/Electric Heated

   Portable Electric

HDS Classic Electric

HDS Liberty Electric

    Portable Gasoline Engine:

HDS Classic Gasoline

HDS Liberty Gasoline

Stationary NG/LP Electric Motor:

HDS Classic Stationary
HDS Liberty Stationary

Skid Mounted Gasoline/Diesel:

HDS Classic Skid

HDS Liberty Skid

    Diesel Heated Hot Water Generator:

HDS Hot Water Heater

Cold Water Series:

Cold Water Electric Powered-110V

Cold Water Electric Powered-220/400V

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Karcher products are recognized the world over for their exceptional quality, design, reliability and performance. From the inside out our extensive line of electric and gas powered pressure washers is the culmination of over 60 years of innovative engineering and pioneering design development. Every machine is constructed to take on the most difficult commercial cleaning tasks with ease, reliability and endurance.

: Hot Water Washers

Electric Heated

HDS Classic Electric Heated
This Classic Series unit is an electric powered machine that provides electrically-generated heat. Optimal for use where indoor emissions presents a concern.

Portable Gasoline Engine

HDS Classic Gasoline
These durable roll-cage frame units are designed for optimum cleaning power in remote locations best serviced by gas-powered models.

Stationary NG/LP Electric Motor

Natural Gas or LP Heated Electric Powered Hot Water Pressure Washers, Cabinet
The Kärcher Liberty HDS Natural Gas or LP-Heated Cabinet Pressure Washers delivers up to 9.0 gpm at 3,000 psi of industrial power. This innovative hot water pressure washer is ruggedly designed to tackle the toughest commercial and industrial cleaning jobs.
***All NG units can be converted and ordered as LP

Skid Mounted Gasoline/Diesel Engine

HDS Classic Skids
Designed for optimum cleaning power to remote locations

Diesel Heated Hot Water Generator

HDS Hot Water Heater

The Liberty Series 5.0/30 Ed water heater provides supplemental heat to cold water machines. Electric-powered diesel heated unit

Portable Electric

Cold Water Electric Powered
High Pressure Washers

Compact and light weight, the HD 525 S cold water high pressure washer is ideal for light duty cleaning applications where portability is a must.

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