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Wastewater Evaporators

On-site evaporation can reduce disposal costs and liabilities by eliminating up to 95% of hazardous wastewater. This Water Maze line of evaporators offer a more efficient solution to the soaring costs of hazardous wastewater hauling.

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Industrial Natural-Gas Wastewater Evaporator

HBG Series

With its unique design, the HBG heats the floor of the evaporator holding tank using natural gas in its combustion chamber.

This technique is much like a pot on the kitchen stove. Evaporating from 10-30 gallons per hour, the HBG has a higher rate of evaporation than the HBE Series. In most cases this makes the HBG the more economical choice.
Additional Models:

All-Electric Wastewater Evaporator

HBE Series
Industrial All-Electric Wastewater Evaporator

This is the entry-level evaporator designed to offer the most efficient all-electrical evaporation. It includes all the energy efficiency features of the HBG except the burner is replaced by eight coil-type 2600-watt heater elements, which transfer heat directly through the tank floor, evaporating at rates of 6 to 8 gallons per hour. Combined wattage is 20.8KW. When natural gas is not available, the HBE is the correct choice.
Additional Models:

Industrial Wastewater Evaporator with
Submerged Combustion Technology

WB Series
Industrial Wastewater Evaporator with Submerged Combustion Technology Plant Engineering "Product of the Year" Finalist

The Water Blaze WB is by far the most efficient way to evaporate wastewater.
The WB's submerged combustion technology forces the heat from a natural gas burner directly through a sparger tube submerged in the water. This submerged combustion technology allows for 100% heat transfer efficiency that no other evaporator can produce.

Evaporating 30 - 120 gallons per hour depending on the model, the WB greatly reduces your wastewater hauling costs and provides a faster return on your investment.
Additional Models:

pH Permissive System

Digital pH Permissive System (accessory)

Automatically monitors and adjusts the pH of the waste stream to satisfy the preset pH set points. The system uses a controller that monitors the pH and continuously circulates the liquid until the pH is corrected. See the specification sheet for further details.

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