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High-volume cleaning for heavy dirt, mud applications.
When heavy equipment and vehicles are laden with loads of dirt and mud, water volume is more effective than high pressure for a thorough cleaning.

  • The Water Maze Water Blaster delivers up to 25 GPM of water volume - nearly 6 times more than most pressure washers -

  • 500 PSI of pressure to knock off heavy dirt with ease.

  • Water Blasters come standard with two electrical configurations of an industrial-duty 10HP motor with on-off motor control for convenience in washing away from the unit; rugged self-priming, high pressure diaphragm pump mounted on vibration isolators

  • Liquid level switches to ensure flow of water

  • 100 ft. of 3/4 inch, abrasive-resistant hose with a variable fan wand.

Collection Pits: In-ground pre-treatment of wastewater. Water Maze’s reinforced, pre-fabricated, fiberglass pits are an economical in-ground, oil-water separator as well an ideal method of capturing wastewater generated by pressure washing.

  • The 3-stage collection pit is designed with baffles with the middle chamber perfectly sized to receive Water Maze’s proprietary oil - coalescing plates for enhanced separation. This fiberglass separator is significantly easier and less expensive to ship and install than shipping or constructing a concrete collection pit.

  • Reinforced fiberglass sidewalls prevent bowing and underground movement.

  • The fiberglass collection pit works best when combined with a catch basin and sump pit, which are both made of the same chemical-resistant, reinforced fiberglass. The wash water flows into the catch basin, where solids drop to the bottom. The runoff then flows into the collection pit. As it passes through the baffles, oil and other debris are separated from the water. In some instances, this is all that is needed to meet discharge limits for the public sewer. If needed, a sump pit may be added for transferring wastewater into a Water Maze wash-water recycling or treatment system.

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