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Wastewater Evaporators

Why Evaporation?

The Problem of economically and safely disposing of industrial wastewater has been around for a long time. Until recently, the most common solution was to have industrial wastewater hauled away. Let someone else worry about it. Unfortunately, its not that easy... nor cheap.
Government cradle-to-grave laws make business liable for their hazardous wastewater, even when someone else hauls it off for them.

And, due to the increasing fees of government permits, fines and red tape, the cost of hauling continues to soar... up to $5.00 a gallon, and even more in some areas.

The risk and cost of hauling has simply become an unnacceptable alternative for many industries.

On-site evaporation is the answer to the high cost of hauling for two key reasons:

1. De-waters the Wastestream: Most wastwaters are more water than waste. In fact, 90% to 99% of most industrial waste streams are water. Evaporation turns this 90+% water content into vapor, leaving the contaminants behind - dramatically reducing the cost and risk of wastewater disposal. At $5.00 per gallon, its a lot less expensive to haul the 10% residual waste than the 100% contaminated wastewater.

2. Reduces the Cost per Gallon: Evaporation reduces the water portion of a wastestream for as little as 3 to 8 cents per gallon - a fraction of what you'll pay per gallon to haul the same amount of wastewater. From 5 dollars to 5 cents per gallon, we're talking about a savings of a hundredfold. Plus, there are additional savings in the reduced costs of storing, handling, and insuring compliance, all because of the reduced amount of waste on your premises.

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